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At Cyril Moore Inc., we develop and provide the most comprehensive customized, efficient and affordable software. Our focus is to deliver on time, cost effective, user friendly, technologically sound IT solutions to our business partners.
When there is no defined Enterprise architecture, Cyril Moore Inc. will help you define the vision, standards, principles and the road map that will help your organization in the selection, operation and deployment of technologies within your organization.
At Cyril Moore Inc., we realize that poor end user adoption of technology initiatives is one of the most common reasons why IT projects fail.
In designing your web site, we use simple and flexible proven project management techniques to assure that a mutual understanding of what is to be accomplished is achieved.
Cyril Moore Inc. offers:
Information Technology Consulting
Business Consulting.
Services that help make clients business solutions SIMPLE!
Cyril Moore Inc. offers:
Network Services
Telecom (VOIP - Voice Over IP)
Videocom (VOIP - Video Over IP)
Cyril Moore Inc. works with Businesses and Home Owners to create a Customized Networking Solution. Our goal is to design and implement the Network that best meets your Business and Home needs, with the highest degree of functionality at a fair and reasonable cost.
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