Designing Your Website

clock In designing your web site, we use simple and flexible proven project management techniques to assure that a mutual understanding of what is to be accomplished is achieved. While taking Time into account, we adopt the Rapid Application Development, (RAD) methodology to compress the Analysis, Design, Develop, and Test/Deploy phases to shorten the development cycles. In this way, costs and schedules are kept in check. Project Requirements

We will listen to your needs and challenges. Ideas are important aspect of our work; we will exchange ideas with you and discuss project requirements and goals so that there is project clarity and vision.

When you and Cyril Moore Inc. have a shared vision of what the site is to accomplish, we then proceed to the next phase. You will have full access to the development environment to track every aspect of the project status.

No matter what your business needs are, or how simple or complex they may be, we have experienced and skilled staff at Cyril Moore Inc. who work to make your business solutions SIMPLE and provide you with an effective and professional website.

Search Engine In addition if you so agree, Cyril Moore Inc. can provide you with maintenance and update services for your website for a monthly retainer, we might also help register your website with major search engines and web directories and as well market your business on-line.

If you have In-House developers, who will take over site maintenance once the site is in production, we will train them on the site design and coding methods used.


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